The CUC Model

The CUC will support the establishment of affiliate centres (“affiliates”) in major NSW regional towns which otherwise lack suitable alternative local higher educational opportunities. 

These centres will be locally governed, and affiliated by contractual agreement with the Country Universities Centre, which will perform the role of an umbrella organisation:

  • negotiating partnership arrangements with universities providing enhanced support for students studying within all the affiliate centres;
  • representing the interests of the affiliate centres and participating students with state and federal governments;
  • forming centralised point of contact relationships with state and national bodies such as TAFE NSW, other large RTO’s and industry associations, and employers with statewide or national reach.

The CUC will leverage these relationships and its combined footprint to deliver a broader network of opportunities for participating students and communities.

Affiliates will be encouraged to form local and regional relationships with local government, individual schools, small RTO’s and local employers. The Country Universities Centre will also ensure that all affiliates sitting under its umbrella maintain agreed levels of performance and student support to maximise successful student experience, and outcomes.

The amalgamated student numbers sitting within the affiliated affiliate centres will better enable the Country Universities Centre to create supportive and financially sustainable relationships with universities and end users for the benefit of the combined student body. Students within the combined footprint will be aggregated together through technology where video-conferenced lectures, tutorials and other enhanced support can be feasibly and meaningfully provided to those students across locations.

Benefits for students

● Access to localised high-speed technology and campus-like facilities with extended opening hours
● Access to a broader range of university degree pathways
● Strong tutorial and support network
● Ability to source mentors and/or job opportunities through CUC’s industry partnerships

Benefits for local communities

● Improved participation in higher education
● Potential reduction in economic and intellectual migration of regional youth
● Positive flow-on effects on economic output and productivity

Together, we bring higher education degrees closer.